About Us

My love for the ocean and all things adventure began in South Africa.

I was born in Northern Ireland and moved to South Africa before the age of 1. My home was in Central South Africa, about a 6 hour drive to the nearest beach on the Natal coast. I remember living for the annual holiday escape with my family to the stunning beaches and wild waves of the South African coast. Driving for hours until finally over the hill I could see the golden sands and blue sea. That feeling of an adrenalin rush and excitement to be close to the sea has stuck with me since those days. To this day, I still feel a high when I am close to the sea.

Slow Gold T-Shirt at the beach

During those trips, if I wasn't on the beach or in the sea I would be walking around the coastal towns visiting the surf shops. I fell in love with the vibe of those shops selling surfboards, boogie boards, surf shorts, caps and the coolest T-shirts and vests I had ever seen. I knew back then as a young boy that I needed to carve my path in this direction and be involved somehow, someday in this world of beach / sea / surf equipment and apparel. 

Fast forward a few years and I decided it was my time to set about creating my brand. Slow Gold was born.

Slow Gold is a (growing) range of products and apparel, designed in Northern Ireland and manufactured using recycled and sustainable materials by partners who are making conscious efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. We expect our partners to share our drive for a cleaner, greener environment for us all to enjoy!

The Slow Gold range of outdoor beach and adventure wear is designed with function and purpose at its core. The quality materials will keep you warm ‘or cool’ whatever activity or sport you are enjoying. We strive to become your essential adventure partner.

Not only are we connecting with Sea swimmers, cold water enthusiasts and adventure seekers, but we are passionate about supporting local sports clubs to keep the team warm and their supporters cosy on the sidelines too!