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SlowGold Waxed Cotton Boonie Hat

SlowGold Waxed Cotton Boonie Hat

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Our 100% waxed cotton boonie hat combines style with practicality.

Perfect for keeping the sun off your noggin or the rain out of your eyes! 

Made with a heavy duty waxed cotton, this weather-proof hat will stand the test of time and keep you looking fresh for years to come.

One size fits all (approx. 56-62cm) 



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The game changer for getting changed in the open


- Soft internal cotton layer to keep you warm while out and about

- Protective outer layer to keep the elements out


Changing robe size guide

Regular - 110cm Long, 75cm Chest, 70cm Shoulder, 52cm Sleeve.

Large - 120cm Long, 85cm Chest, 75cm Shoulder, 55cm Sleeve.

X Large - 130cm Long, 85cm Chest, 80cm Shoulder, 58cm Sleeve.


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Care Guide

- Keep away from fire sources.

- Machine wash cold.

- Wash separately.

- Do not tumble dry or bleach.

- Wipe clean to remove areas of dirt.

"Feels like the embrace of a mother’s first hug"

- Emmett J. Scanlan -

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This is our first edition t-shirt. Designed to be worn casually at the beach or in the bar. 

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